Akio Lorenzo OYA

東京生まれ。国立音楽大学音楽学部器楽学科ヴァイオリン専攻卒業。京都造形芸術大学(現・京都芸術大学)大学院芸術研究科芸術環境専攻修了・修士(学術)。イタリア ペガソ・テレマティカ大学大学院イタリア芸術及びコミュニケーション専攻修了。

二玄社『SUPER CAR GRAPHIC』編集記者を経て1996年独立。イタリア・シエナに渡る。

訳書に『ザ・スピリット・オブ・ランボルギーニ』(光人社)、著書に『シトロエン2CV、DSを手掛けた自動車デザイナー ベルトーニのデザイン活動の軌跡』など多数。

Born in Tokyo, Japan. Graduated from Kunitachi College of Music, Department of Instrumental Music, Violin Major. Graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design (now Kyoto University of Art) with a Master's degree in Art Environment. Graduated from Università Telematica Pegaso with a First-level Specializing Master's degree, in Italian Arts, communication, and Entertainment

After working as an editorial reporter for Nigensha's "SUPERCAR GRAPHIC," became independent in 1996. Moved to Siena, Italy.

He has written and translated many books. His representative works include "The Design Creativity of Flaminio Bertoni"(published by Miki Press, 2022) and "The Spirit of Lamborghini" (published by Kojinsha, 2004).